Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lubec Arts Alive Film on ABC TV


Uncle Kippy's Restaurant in Lubec will be hosting a viewing of the Lubec Arts Alive film on their big screen TV as it airs on ABC/WVII.
Warner Brothers channel 8 / Dish channel 7
Open to the public
Sunday, March 25th, 3:00 p.m.
The kitchen will be open for food!

Lubec Arts Alive !
A short film by noted filmmaker Jon Wing Lum
depicting a community-inspired week of art

Lubec Arts Alive mural. Painted during Lubec Arts Alive 2009, under the direction of UMVA artist Natasha Mayers. This mural project was funded in part by the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Arts Commission.

Tune in to watch it on ABC TV !

Sunday, March 25th, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.
Airing on WVII • Warner Brothers Channel 8 / Dish Channel 7

(viewing area Rockport to E. Millinocket / Oakland to Lubec)

Featuring the
Union of Maine Visual Artists and the People of Lubec

"A poignant portrayal of Artists, Art Making, and Sense of Place in a small town during the summer of 2009"

©2009 Jon Wing Lum, Wingstar Productions, Inc.
Music by Nancy Bennett

Still shots for the film provided by:
Goodman/Van Riper Photography

Participating UMVA artists featured in the film:
Natasha Mayers, Robert Shetterly, Kenny Cole, Rose Marasco, Richard Brown Lethem, Alan Crichton, Diane Dahlke, Karen Adrienne, Harlan Crichton, Siena Mayers, Jill Lavetsky, Mary Bernstein, Barb Sullivan.

Partial listing of Lubec faces, businesses,visitors, and photos either mentioned mentioned or pictured in the film:
Crow Town Gallery, Ruta Jordans, The Grange, Bernard Ross, Peter Doak, Bonnie Beard, Kate Beuhner, Roberta Cantlon, Brannen Beuhner, Suzanne Plaut, Hovey Hall, Diane Poteat, Ed Sochor, Anna Bell, Jean Bookman, Jean Deveber, Claudia Mahlman, Karen Burke, Shanna Wheelock, Ann Rosebrooks, Chris Crittenden, Molana Oei, Pat Fry, Pete Deveber, Pam Brown, Jana Civilotto, Judy amd Jim Heyer, Ron Pesha, Penny Lemon, Shelly Tinker, Geer Morton, Charles Legris, Lynn Bradbury, Charlotte Thorpe, Annie Davis, the Kornick family, Sue Reilly, Cassie Kinney, Dick Hoyt, Davis Pike, Mary and Peter Oswald, Pat Warner, Hayley Simmonds, Rosalie Woodward, Daphne, Penny Laskey, Bud Tyler, Gail Swopes, Walter Plaut, Coochie Case, Gabe Lowery, Noah Beuhner, George Fallon, Sarah Phillips, Marylin Alexa, Karen Baldauski, Eugene Greenlaw, Frank Van Riper, Judith Goodman, Ukey Santos, Helene Farrar, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Judy Trafford, Diane's Glass Gallery, Annabell's, Dr. McBride, Jennifer Multhopp.

Check back for updates on Lubec Arts Alive 2012 events!
August 4-5, 2012

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